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Caregiving is not just a social issue, its a workplace issue.

Matt, a full-time employee, uses his lunch time to check in on his mother who recently was discharged from the hospital from a mild heart attack. Due to her recent discharge, he leaves work during lunch because he gets worried about her and her medications. Matt is not alone, 6 out of 10 full-time employees care for an aging parent.


This causes employees to show up to work late, having to leave early, even give-up promotions. Currently, Matt spend much of his evenings outside of work researching and calling to better understand the new medications his mother is taking. These frustrating tasks often are done while he is at work, taking time and focus away from his responsibilities. Both he and his mother want someone to explain her new medications and old medications and make sure they didn't cross over in a dangerous way.

By Matt using Carol, he is able to request a Carol registered nurse to check in on his mom and help setup her medications, and ensure she took them. The Carol registered nurse used the documentation tools to provide guidance and document the visit allowing Matt to review without disrupting his work. This provided Matt with the reassurance he needed.

If you or someone you know has run into this situation, have them give us a call at 1-888-68-CAROL, and see how we can help today.

Caregiving is not just a social issue, its a workplace issue.
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