What Caregivers Have Taught Us.

Challenging, Rewarding, Exhaustive, Stressful

These are some of the emotions that were shared on a recent Facebook post which you can view here. We asked our followers, "How does being a caregiver make you feel?" The fact is, there are more than 65 million people (29% of the U.S. population), providing care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend during any given year and each person has their own story to tell. These caregivers spend an average of 20 hours per week providing care for their loved one, while trying to maintain their own family, career, friends and own life.

As there are 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 everyday in the U.S., this problem is going to continue to grow. We appreciate the hundreds of people who were willing to share their story with us. This blog post is meant to share what we have learned and what we are doing about it to help.

What We Have Learned

Every situation is unique and different. Caregiving is something that people anticipate, but it somehow still feels like it comes out of nowhere. Meaning, people know that eventually they will have to care for a loved one, but situations suddenly escalate and next thing you know you have joined the 65 million other Americans caring for a loved one.

"Caregiving is overwhelming at times, but I wouldn't change it." - Dianne

We learned that caregiving is one of the most rewarding things people have had to do in their lives. We also learned that people just need a break, and that when you're caring for a loved one who is homebound, it seems like you as the caregiver are as well.

"You feel so bad for the person your caring for because you don't want to see them like that, but do what you have to do for love." -Andria

Though it can be frustrating, caregivers figure out how to provide a lot of the services a loved one needs and how to manage them, mainly non-medical needs. People have voiced challenges when it comes to getting their loved ones medical care. Many people are not qualified for homebound care, and are left to figure out a solution where they have to pay out of pocket. Often, they are faced with hundreds of dollars at the urgent care center, or hospital bills. Beyond financial struggles, when it comes to getting medical care other issues arise such as transportation, time spent in waiting rooms, and communicating with other loved ones who want to be in the loop.

What We Are Doing About It

We will continue to deliver access and affordable healthcare for you and your family. Below are a few ways we are working to change things up.


  1. No upfront fee
  2. No hidden fees
  3. Transparent pricing


  1. Request: Connect directly with an RN
  2. Deliver: Care in as little as an hour
  3. Follow Up: Your own personal health record

Carol is your own family nurse. By signing up on our website, www.carolhealth.com, you can request care for a loved one for $35 and a licensed, registered nurse will be there in as little as an hour to help.
Give us a call today, 1-888-68-CAROL, to see if Carol can help your family.

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What Caregivers Have Taught Us.
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