"Carol Health made it easy" -Laura, RN

Each time we have a nurse go on their first visit we are excited to hear how it went and how the nurse felt!

Laura RN:
"I was excited to go to my first Carol Health visit! I have never done any home health care before, but knew how to provide great nursing care. I have worked most of my career in the hospital setting. The visit went very well and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed meeting my client and her family. I felt comfortable and safe in their home during the whole visit. I was able to provide some education to the patient and spouse about pain management and having her ambulate more during the day to regain her strength. It felt good to be able to helping my patient in their own home where they want to be. Carol Health made it easy to provide care and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to my next care visit."

"I like working for Carol because I can work when I want and not tied to a set schedule." Laura, RN

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"Carol Health made it easy" -Laura, RN
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