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Ewe… I have to do what?!?!

As a nurse of 13 years I have seen my fair share of disgusting and complicated dressing changes. Early on in my nursing career I would get nauseous when changing a dressing because of the smell, sight of it, pain it could cause patients, and more. As I progressed in my career I worked on the Burn Unit where I would see whole body dressing changes. I had developed a tolerance to the things that nauseated me in the past but it took a lot of time. I had also developed a strong skill to assess when a wound wasn’t healing and work with a team to help figure out the best ways to get these wounds to heal.

Today, patients are being discharged from the hospital earlier and earlier. Those dressing changes that were being done by nurses in the hospital are now being done by the patient themselves or family members. There are many barriers for the patient and family members when trying to do the dressing change right. They range from the dressings being large and complicated to just plain hard to reach. Sometimes family members just aren’t comfortable changing dressings in sensitive areas.

Some simple tips if you do need to change a smelly dressing:

  1. First wash your hands very carefully
  2. Try to find a face mask
  3. Before you place the face mask on, put some nice smelling lotion under your nose
  4. Change the dressing as directed

With Carol Health’s network of Registered Nurses, we have the expertise to change those dressings right and alleviate the burden on you and your family members. Whether, it is a bandage change after surgery or a long term wound that just needs the proper care to heal, Carol Health can help. Our mission is to help people in their homes do dressing changes right so they can get on with their lives.

Ewe… I have to do what?!?!
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