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I don't know what mom needs but I know she needs help.

Making sure your loved one is safe and healthy is always a challenge. When they are sick there are even more questions. Scott is helping to watch over his widowed mother who is now 79 years old and lives alone. She is in relatively good health but she calls Scott every time she doesn’t “feel well”. Sometimes Scott needs to leave work, or feels obligated to check on her just to make sure she is ok. Often times Scott’s mother just needed some reassurance that she is ok and doing fine, but he ends up taking her into the doctor’s office or urgent care just to get checked out. This takes a whole day and all they do is check her vitals and send her home. This is time consuming for Scott and his mother. All the driving, waiting in waiting rooms, just to see the doctor for 15 minutes and have them say she is ok. All Scott’s mom needed was a quick vital sign check and a health assessment to make her feel better and give Scott piece of mind. Scott didn’t know what his mother needed but knew she just needed help and a little companionship. .

5 lessons about setting boundaries as a caregiver:

  1. Just because someone asks you to do something doesn’t mean you should do it.
  2. It’s not your job to make everyone else comfortable all the time.
  3. Guilt won’t kill you.
  4. Set boundaries with yourself.
  5. Your being is more important than your doing.

Carol Health can also help when you can’t be there. Carol will send a licensed Registered Nurse right to you or your loved one’s door for as little as a copay. Carol nurses will do a health assessment and see what the right next steps are. If your loved one needs a physician they will help them navigate calling their primary care office or connect them with a doctor using a virtual visit. Carol is here to help and take the guessing out of healthcare.

I don't know what mom needs but I know she needs help.
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