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How I feel being a Carol Health nurse

Being part of the Carol Health team has offered me a unique and eye-opening perspective about humanity and the health care system. Going into patients’ homes and understanding their unique situations has also made me a better and more compassionate nurse. It has rejuvenated my caring spirit and made me fall in love with nursing all over again.  

One unique aspect about Carol patients is they actually want us there. It’s amazing to see the response patients and their families have to Carol – they welcome us with open arms and seem to truly value the care we provide.  I feel like I’m benefiting from the patients I care for as much as they’re benefiting from the care I’m providing – I love listening to their stories, from how they named their cat to their grandchildren’s wedding or even their time in WWII.  

Each visit has its distinct challenges, but to see the smile on my patient’s face when I leave – and when they tell me how much they’re looking forward to our next meeting – really makes my day. The best thing is the other nurses working for Carol say the same thing. They are amazed at the kindhearted people we are caring for and their openness in welcoming us into their homes.

The peace of mind we offer Carol patients and their families is hard to put into words. You can read more about the other nurses’ experiences below.    

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How I feel being a Carol Health nurse
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