"My first Carol Health visit was overwhelmingly positive" -Laure, RN

Laure RN:
Before my first Carol Health visit, I felt nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect. Having worked in the inpatient setting for my entire nursing career, I hadn’t had the opportunity to practice my trade outside of my comfort zone, which was the bedside. However, when I arrived at my first care visit I was greeted by an upbeat, friendly individual who welcomed us right into her home. At that moment, my nerves went right out the window.

The main purpose for our initial visit was to help this person set up a Carol Health account for herself and her sister. We settled on the couch and pulled out an iPad to assist in the task at hand. It was at that moment that the sisters realized the visit was going to be a technology-based tutorial. It was obvious that their level of comfort with technology was almost nonexistent. At first they were hesitant to participate, voicing frustrations with having to navigate technology to receive care, but over time they became more and more involved.

By the end of the visit, the sisters were asking questions and offering to try their hand at navigating the Carol Health website on the iPad. I felt that we had bridged the generational and technological gap. I could tell from their comments and their gestures that they were far more perceptive to the idea of using our services for care.

"Having such an overwhelmingly positive experience during my first Carol Health visit has given me a thirst for more. I can’t wait until my next visit to help others in need!" Laure, RN

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"My first Carol Health visit was overwhelmingly positive" -Laure, RN
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