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Getting back to why you went into nursing

Has a seemingly random stranger ever approached you at the grocery store or the mall to thank you for being their nurse when they were sick? If not, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Experiences like this are common for those in the helping professions, but they can still be pretty surprising, especially the first few times. You may feel bad for failing to recall them and having to pretend to remember them, but it gets easier as time goes by and the number of people you interact with on a daily basis increases exponentially.

Experiences like this say a lot about what you do as a nurse. Whether you realize it or not, you profoundly influence the world around you in ways you’ll never completely know – and failing to remember a former patient says more about the sheer volume of lives you touch than about your memory skills. But it may have to do with the increased changes and stress to the profession in the last few years.

Become a Carol nurse

Nurses today spend more time in front of computer screens than nurses of the past, which means less time talking to patients, holding their hands and interacting with them one on one. It can make you feel lost between the hospital’s priorities, the physician’s orders and the patient’s needs. Nurse schedules are also longer than ever, with inflexible, 12-hour shifts and long weekends often eating into your personal and family time. The stress and fatigue from these changes to the profession can take its toll on your compassion – the foundation of what nursing is all about – and is prematurely burning out many nurses early in their careers.

This is a problem Carol Health is trying to solve. Carol is giving nurses a chance to get back to the basics and spend one-on-one time with their patients. Carol also gives nurses control over their own scheduling, allowing them to work when they want for as long as they want. It’s more flexible than anything out there, and a great opportunity to earn extra cash.

So if you’re looking to fall in love with nursing again – and to making your patient experiences as memorable for you as they are for them – you might want to consider Carol. It gives you the opportunity to make a difference one visit at a time, helping patients and families when they need you the most. To learn more please visit Become a Carol nurse.

Getting back to why you went into nursing
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