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Old School Cool: "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" to an American Icon

35 years ago, Wednesday, we said "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" to an American Icon - M*A*S*H. After 11 seasons and 256 episodes, the iconic series rolled off the airwaves. It didn’t just sputter out, it went out with a bang - drawing an audience of 121.6 million people. That is more than the Super Bowl.

While many of M*A*S*H's nurses are formally credited on the show, there were more than a couple times a nurse made an appearance but did not actually appear in the show’s credits. Here are the instances when unknown nurses appeared on screen, but were not credited for their role.

  • Season 1 - Yankee Doodle Doctor: Lieutenant Duane William Bricker is seen in the mess tent with a striking red headed nurse. This same uncredited nurse can be seen again in Season 2, "Divided We Stand", and Season 3, "The Consultant".
  • Season 2 - Divided We Stand: An unidentified nurse chats with a Corpsman whilst standing outside the Ladies Shower tent. While the actress is uncredit, it is speculated to be Lieutenant Peters, played by Mary Peters.
  • Season 3 - There Is Nothing Like a Nurse: Nurse "Lietenant Janet Baker" is featured several times in this episode - yet uncredited for the role. Some speculate, this role was played by Bobbie Mitchell. However, Bobbie Mitchell played Nurse Able in the same episode - ruling out this theory.
  • Season 3 - The Consultant: Through the course of this episode Hawkeye and Trapper work with several uncredited nurses.
  • Season 4 - The Novocaine Mutiny: As Frank is performing surgery, he is assisted by a "Nurse Johnson". While the show did feature Nurse Erica Johnson, played by Joan Van Ark, this episode's "Nurse Johnson" was played by a different actress and uncredited.
  • Season 5 - 38 Across: This nurse, identified only as “Baker”, is asked to take an X-Ray of Klinger. It is possible this uncredited nurse is Lynne Marie Stewart playing this unknown nurse.
  • Season 6 - Tea and Empathy: This episode features 3 uncredited nurses who all deliver simple lines like, “Yes, doctor.”

More details and photos of each of the uncredited nurses in M*A*S*H can be found here: http://mash.wikia.com/wiki/Unidentified_Nurses

Header photo source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MASH_Cast_1977.JPG

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Wesley Harding

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Old School Cool: "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" to an American Icon
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