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How is "Friends" related to caregiving?

When caring for a loved one it is a group effort. Often, this includes other family and friends who are caring for that same loved one as you. This brings unique pressure and stress to the situation and those relationships. Among the family there are feelings and thoughts that can arise quickly such as, change, unfairness, pressure, chaos and impossible. Caregiving should not have to come at the expense of your relationships with your family, nor should it negatively impact the relationships with those you are caring for or your friends and family. They are suppose to be your rock, your biggest supporters.


When growing up as kids with siblings, these are common feelings as well, kind of like the relationship between Ross and Monica in Friends. This brother and sister duo have their own challenges as many who have watched the show can relate to. Jack-Geller
But think about this, how would have things played out in Friends if Ross and Monica had to care for their father, Jack Geller? To add to it, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe were relied on to help provide the care for Jack. I think it would have been comical, however, in real life it is not a comical situation. So how does this relate to caregiving? Well since growing up, you are now a few chapters further in life, and you find yourself and your siblings acting in a similar manor, even though you're "grown adults." See if you can relate to any of the following:

  1. Communication gets tough when it's your responsibilities to update everyone every time something happens.
  2. All of the sudden everyone becomes a "medical expert" and gives their expert opinion on what should be happening.
  3. The care falls to the person that lives the closest out of the siblings.
  4. We will "take turns" taking mom or dad to appointments, but then people suddenly get "busy."
  5. You experience the "telephone game" when trying to obtain information on the medical care of mom or dad, meaning a medical professional tells your sibling, then a day or two later they tell you but forget some details or don't properly explain it. This leaves you with a sense of anxiety or frustration with that sibling and you wanting information directly from the source.

If you have answered yes to any of these situations, we at Carol understand. That's why we have created a Care Circle for you to help repair those relationships with your siblings when caring for a loved one.
The Care Circle allows you to add family, friends and others to monitor the care of your loved one, get updates of their status and communicate in real-time, to better manage the care.

  • Request care for a loved one
  • Real-time notifications for everyone in the Care Circle when a nurse is requested, en route, arrived and completed care.
  • Each user of Carol gets a personal health record, giving those in the Care Circle the ability to review the documentation left by the Carol Registered Nurse.
  • This documentation will come with recommendations and can be accessed by the next Carol Registered Nurse that helps or can be shown to the next medical professional that is needed, such as a primary care physician.

To get your Care Circle set up with your family, go to www.carolhealth.com to sign-up or give us a call at 1-888-68-CAROL, we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

To keep up with Carol, you can sign up here.

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How is "Friends" related to caregiving?
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