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The stress of caring for a loved one.

Being a caregiver, it’s not about you. You’re going to have to give, sometimes more than what you may have. This can be tough when it comes to medical care, things that you have not been trained to do or know how to do. You are not alone, in fact, “43.5 million American’s are caring for a loved one 20 or more hours per week” according to the National Alliance for Caregiving.

Even helping a loved one with non-medical tasks, it can be exhausting and seem like a full-time job. It’s ok to take a break and you shouldn’t have to feel guilty about that. At Carol, we hear about people who feel overwhelmed and need a break, but want to make sure that their loved one is properly taken care of. We find many of these situations, they need more than just someone to look after their loved one, for example, help with their medications, and check of their vitals.


A study by AARP showed that, “43% of caregivers feel that these tasks are their personal responsibility because no one else can do it or because insurance will not pay for a professional caregiver.” This is understandable because the majority of the aging population that needs these services is not qualified for homebound care, meaning insurance doesn’t cover the services they need. This has created a gap and the alternative is to pay a private duty nurse out of pocket (average initial visit $185 - $204 per hour) or go to an urgent care center ($75 - $150 per visit).


At Carol, we help those who fall into this gap and their caregivers. Our services are $65 per hour and a Registered Nurse will be to the home in as little as an hour. We aimed to target our pricing that is comparable to a co-pay and provide better access for you to the expert care you need.

Our goal at Carol Health is to help get the best care for you and your loved ones. So if you need a break, or need someone to check up on your loved one, give us a call today (1-888-68-CAROL) or visit us at www.carolhealth.com to see if Carol can help you and your family.

The stress of caring for a loved one.
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