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Wait, Who Is Carol?

Carol? Like the person’s name?

Yes, like the person’s name. One that you can trust and rely on to deliver expert care and peace of mind right to your doorstep. Carol is a persona that is a part of our “Care For All” strategy.

A Problem Worth Solving

Right now there are more than 43 million American’s caring for a loved one an average of 24 hours or more per week. Majority of those getting care in-home are 65 or older. They often do not qualify for home care forcing them to have to go to the hospital, or have to schedule home-care services waiting, many times 2–7 days and paying $75-$150 per hour for that care. Waiting to receive care in their home is no longer adequate, forcing the alternative to go to the emergency room and add to the already high admission and readmission rates for low acuity care.


Why Now?

How does payment work?

We charge by time, not by service(s). We wanted to ensure you got all of the care you need and have transparent pricing. To accomplish this, you are charged by time instead of number of services. This way we can ensure multiple services while maintaining a lower cost structure for you.

For more details please see our FAQ page.

What's next?

Carol is now open for service in Grand Rapids, MI. Whether you are looking for care for a loved one, seeking care yourself or interested in signing up as a nurse to care on the platform, we encourage you to go to our website to sign-up. We are actively looking at new markets to open up in, to get Carol in your city email us, we’d love to hear from you and help out where we can.


Wait, Who Is Carol?
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