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What is a Care Circle?

When it comes to health care things can get complicated, stressful, and expensive quickly. But that is only half the battle. When there are multiple family members involved in someone’s care it can be an enormous undertaking to keep everyone up to date and informed about what is going on. Often times the care coordination falls to the family member that is closest to that loved one.

Rebecca is the alpha daughter in the family. She lives less than a mile from mom and dad, while her brother lives an hour away and her other sister lives in another state entirely. With Rebecca living so close all the care and coordination of treatments fall to her. As mom and dad age and are in need of more help Rebecca has started to feel the burden of caring for aging parents. She is also starting to feel resentment towards her siblings as they are not helping enough. To add insult to injury when things do go wrong with mom and dad her siblings are calling and questioning everything that is going on.

When creating Carol Health we had this problem top of mind.
Setting up the Care Circle is a easy as:

Step one: Create a profile for youself and have your loved one create one as wellCare-Circle-1
Step two: Have your loved one invite you into their care circle!Invite-Friends---Family
Step three: Accept the invitationEasy-to-add
Step four: Request care for yourself or a loved oneRequest-for-loved-one
The whole thing is easy to manage as well:Easy-to-Manage

The best part is at the end of the care visit, the documentation is available to review so all family members are current on how your loved one is doing. Learn more at www.carolhealth.com

What is a Care Circle?
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